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Middletown Minute on Teaching Ministry

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 Middletown Monthly Meeting of Friends

435 Middletown Road

Lima, Pennsylvania


Dear Friends,

This letter is written in support of our dear Friend, Peter Blood-Patterson who has worked for years bringing God's glory to many people, not only in our Yearly Meeting but in other parts of the world as well. He has done this most notably as a music maker and song leader, preparing hearts to rejoice in the spirit, in sessions led with his wife Annie. But Peter also brings God's word to others through his gifts as a teacher. For over 20 years Peter has exercised these gifts as retreat leader, workshop leader, and teacher of Quakerism 101 and 201.

Our Meeting knows that Peter has a special love for teaching. It seems to mean more to him than his singing, touching a place in his heart that is a reservoir of strength and peace.  We understand him when he says he feels used by God in these situations, happy to be sharing with his students in the class or workshop as a small but important part of God's journey with our people here on earth.

In his classes he allows participants to explore their own material, apprehending that meaning that suits them. But he also challenges that individual awareness with his own insights grounded in a thorough knowledge of Quaker theology and history, many times bringing a new clarity to the student's experience. In his teaching involving Meeting life Peter strives to bring participants to a deeper awareness of the spiritual quality of their shared Meeting for Worship and Meeting for Business, drawing upon the nourishment provided by Middletown's worshiping community.

Peter has been a caring presence in our Meeting for over ten years. We have heard God's voice through him in our Meeting for Worship and we have felt his strength and concern in our Meeting for Business. He and his family, Annie, Nate, and Ian, continue to play important roles in our Meeting community. We are pleased to support him in this ministry of teaching, knowing that God's presence guides him in loving faithfulness.

With thankfulness for God's grace,


Rich Ailes , Clerk

Middletown Monthly Meeting

Lima, PA


11th Month, 21, 2004