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Quakers (known formally as the Religious Society of Friends) are a small Christian denomination founded by George Fox in England in the 17th century. Friends place special emphasis on the direct ongoing access that they believe all people have to God within the heart. Over the past 350 years, Friends have developed some unique ways of attending to this divine voice in worship and in group decision-making. Quakers also have been known for their strong social "testimonies" for peace, equality, simplicity, integrity, and care for the Earth.

Annie and Peter are both active Friends. Annie taught art for many years at Goshen Friends School and served for many years on the Worship and Ministry committees. Annie has led workshops, on her own and with Peter, at Friends General Conference, a yearly gathering of Quakers in the United States and at several other Quaker conference centers. They have both travelled extensively among Friends in the United States, Canada, Britain, and New Zealand.

Peter is a graduate of a two year training program in spiritual direction at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. He has taught Quakerism and Bible at Westtown School and has led numerous retreats and classes in Quakerism for Quaker meetings.

Annie & Peter are currently members of Mt. Toby Meeting located in Leverett MA. Their previous meeting, Middletown Meeting in Lima, PA, wrote a number of letters over the years in support of Annie & Peter's music ministry as well as a letter supporting Peter's teaching ministry among Friends. To find a Friends meeting near you, go to quakerfinder.org.

Writings by Peter on Quakerism

Teaching Resources

This page contains information about Peter's work as a Quakerism teacher including the curricula from several of his Quakerism classes.


Peter helped to plan a rather unique intergenerational gathering that took place in June 2007 in Barnesville, Ohio, bringing together Friends from 17 yearly meetings seeking fresh ways of living out our faith in the 21st century. There is information here on this gathering as well as another similar gathering planned for 2008.

Health & Healing

Exploring ways to understand the health changes our bodies go through in aging, illness and death. This includes writing and resources on praying for each other, "holding each other in the Light", and other issues related to spirituality & health.

Sexuality & Spirituality

Friends have been wrestling a great deal with each other on issues around sexual ethics. Here are some writings Peter has done in this area as well as some other on this subject.

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