Resources on Prophecy

2 quotations from Thomas Merton on prophecy (from Jan Hoffman):

. . . It is better to prophesy than to deride. To prophesy is not to predict, but to seize upon reality in its moment of highest expectation and tension toward the new.  This tension is discovered not in hypnotic elation but in the light of everyday experience.

-- Thomas Merton, Raids on the Unspeakable, p. 159

. . . [Prophets] in the traditional sense [are] not merely [people] who foretell the future under spiritual inspiration.  That is in fact quite accidental.  [They are] above all ['witnesses']. . . . [Prophets] shoulder the 'burden' of vision that God lays upon [them]. . . . Prophets are those who live in direct submission to the Holy Spirit in order that, by [their] lives, actions, and words, [they] may at all times be a sign of God in [this human] world.

-- Thomas Merton, Disputed Questions

In his classic book, A Testament of Devotion, Thomas Kelly quotes Meister Eckhart:  "There are plenty to follow our Lord half-way, but not the other half. They will give up possessions, friends and honors, but it touches them too closely to disown themselves."  Kelly goes on to say, "It is just this astonishing life which is willing to follow Him the other half, sincerely to disown itself, this life which intends complete obedience, without any reservations, that I would propose to you in all humility, in all boldness, in all seriousness. I mean this literally, utterly, completely, and I mean it for you and for me--commit your lives in unreserved obedience to Him."

Quotations from The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann

Summary of each chapter in The Prophetic Imagination

Transcript of Krista Tippett's interview from the NPR show "On Being" with Walter Brueggemann on Prophetic Imagination

Interview with Walter Brueggemann at Georgetown U Center for Christian Discernment

Marion McNaughton, An Orientation to Prophecy plenary talk FWCC trienniel held in Dublin in 2007

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Quote that speaks to me

Death Cannot Kill What Never Dies

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They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.  
Death cannot kill what never dies.  
Nor can spirits ever be divided that love and live in the same Divine Principle; the Root and Record of their friendship.
If absence be not death, neither is theirs.  
Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still.  
For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent.
In this Divine Glass, they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure.
This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.
 - William Penn, More Fruits of Solitude, 1702.

Note: This passage was quoted by J.K.Rowling as the epigraph of her novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Braithwaite on Outreach

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Men & Women with a Message of Power

It is as a "religion of life" that Quakerism will be presented in the future and is being presented now.

Its distinguishing note will be its resolve to bring all this human life of ours under the transforming power of spiritual life.  It will stand out against all divisions and compartments that separate the sacred from the secular, the sanctuary from the outward world of nature, the sacrament from the days' common work, the clergy from the laity. 

It will tell of a Christian experience that makes all life sacred and all days holy, all nature a sanctuary, all work a sacrament, and gives to every man and woman in the body fit place and service.  Its concern will be to multiply men and women who will have a message of power because they are themselves the children of light.  It will claim the whole of man's life, and the whole of life, individual, social, national international, for the dominion of the will of God.

William C. Braithwaite and Henry T. Hodgkin, The Message and Mission of Quakerism (Philadelphia, Winston, 1912), 25-26.

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Resources on Prophecy2 quotations from Thomas Merton on prophecy (from Jan Hoffman): . . . It is better to prophesy...…
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